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When you fail, don't give up. The earth

in Anschaffung & Eingewöhnung 19.10.2018 09:46
von ylq | 13 Beiträge

When you fail, don't give up. The earth does not turn around anyone, it is fair. How can you see the rainbow without going through the storm? How can you succeed without suffering? No one's life is smooth sailing. Only after experiencing setbacks can life be perfect. In the face of setbacks, only by believing in yourself can we gain something. remember that when I was nine years old, my mother bought me a bicycle Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. I saw my heart like drinking honey. But it is a pity because I still can't ride. Mom said to me: "You are so big, you should learn to ride a bicycle." I listened, and did not hesitate to push the bicycle to the yard. When I got to the yard, my mother was holding behind, but my heart was still jumping. Mom said: "Looking forward, concentration can definitely ride!" I did as I did, and the car really started. I didn't know when my mother let go of my hand. At this time, a stone stumbled me and my feet flowed bright red. Blood, I want to cry, but I can't cry out. After only two minutes of rest, I gave the bicycle a second challenge. This time, my mother just looked around and encouraged me. I got in the car and managed to balance the car. This time, I didn't wrestle and I rode very fast Parliament Cigarettes. I feel extremely proud.he wind and rain hit the face again and again, drenching my body; the difficulty ran to me again and again, and killed my shoulders. But I didn't back down because I always believed in myself. Even if I wet my body, I can't hurt my heart; even if I hit my shoulders, I can't stop my should thank every time the ups and downs give us encouragement. We must believe that we can change the trajectory of fate and create a time to be proud Newport 100S. I believe in myself, I believe that I am a miracle! "It is more important to respect the teacher for learning" - this is a poem by Tan Yitong, one of the "Kunyi Six Gentlemen". am I right!her, everyone said that you cultivate the pillars of the motherland, but I want to say e new language teacher surnamed Liu, she is not tall, but very beautiful. She has a ponytail, black, looks very lively and very spirited. There are round, big eyes under the crescent-like eyebrows Marlboro Menthol 100S, as if they can in the language class, I saw the new pencil case on the table, itchy, and unknowingly reached out. I just wanted to touch it. I happened to be seen by Teacher Liu. Her eyes seemed to say to me: "Zheng Jiani, how do you do small things?" I quickly put my hands on it and listened attentively to the teacher.acher Liu, you let me change from loving me to learning Chinese to learning Chinese. Let my language become so good.
acher Liu, your lecture is very lively Carton Of Marlboro Reds. When you are high and low, it seems that the spring in the mountains slowly flows through my heart.class you are talking about is so colorful. Every chapter seems to open a window in front of me, let me see a colorful new world!

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