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Yeah, it��s autumn again

in Anschaffung & Eingewöhnung 21.11.2018 02:00
von gfgfgfgfgfgf5 | 8 Beiträge

Yeah, it��s autumn again, it��s the heartbreaking season. The flower that is about to wither away from the window, sly, has no vitality. The leaves fell and were blown away by the wind, and the sky was raging, and soon the leaves fell., look, the leaves are yellow again, it��s autumn, but where are you?n the spring of that year, you planted a seed in front of my yard, um... but I still don't know what the tree is. The sapling is soft and weak, and the wind blows it down. At that time, I asked you with a head start, hey, can it really live? You said yes, it will live, just take care of it Wholesale Newports. "Oh." I gently responded, watching you drop the stars with waterdrops. that time, we were very small Marlboro Lights Cigarettes, I didn��t know what I liked, what was love, so I looked at your handsome face and looked out. "Taro, what do you want?" You knocked on my bright forehead. I bowed my head, my face was a little red, and I didn't make a sound. I panicked and made you laugh. Your laughter is very good, like the autumn wind, some warm, but with a little bit of chill. Yeah, I am fascinated.hen I was a teenager, I was.his way, the fall of that year is here. As you said, the little sapling is alive, although the height is only on my chest. You look at me with some ostentatism: "How, gimmick, I said it will definitely live." I laughed. "Oh yeah, yes, you said yes." That afternoon, we leaned back Carrying the back, sitting in front of the sapling, listening to Xu Liang's song, listening to the song of Bu Chuan, and the song of Eason Chan's lazy tune.didn't tell me that your cancer has reached a point where it is out of control. your condition is when winter comes. The snow outside the window is lining up the white clothes on your body. Everything is so desolate. You still smile and tell me that you will come back to accompany me to grow up. I held your hand and nodded. Tightly horned for you.t winter, when my grandmother died, I went back to my hometown and accompanied my mother to handle the funeral of my grandmother. When I return to the city, the neighbor tells you that the family has moved Cigarettes Types. "No, no! You won't leave me! No!" The entire corridor echoed my sharp shackles.I still remember the words you said to me at the hospital. I often sat under the tree, listening to Xu Liang��s song, and the songs of Bu Chuan and Eason Chan. I am waiting for you Cigarette Wholesalers, waiting for you to come back and look at the tree that has grown up. Waiting for you to come back and pick up the memory of our childhood yellowing Newports 100.y, you are not dead right? Are you still right? Are you happy now?

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