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Chad Kelly earned a chance. Will he get it?

in Voliere & Einrichtung 03.01.2019 03:20
von chenyan94 | 141 Beiträge

We all suffered through two and a half quarters of “we waited eight months for this?” football! The Denver Broncos first-team offense looked no better than last year Authentic Brandon McManus Jersey , and our starting defense hasn’t looked this bad since Mike Shanahan had us all convinced we were “one player away” from a Super Bowl run. I’m not being pessimistic on our offense. The Broncos didn’t gameplan for the Vikings at all, and I have to think that the un-inventive and putrid play calling and execution was a byproduct of this being preseason game 1 and them being vanilla for vanilla’s sake. Otherwise, we’re hosed!Our shiny new toy, Case Keenum, looked the part of an NFL QB, except for that pesky “complete a pass” portion of the job description. But again, I’m hopeful. Sadly, Paxton Lynch looked worse than he did last year. I’m not sure how that’s even possible, yet here we are, with a complete and utter bust of a first round quarterback. I want to say I was shocked that he couldn’t move past his first read, but I wasn’t. I want to say his interception took me by surprise, but it didn't. In fact, if anything, I figured his interception would have been much Youth Bradley Roby Jersey , much worse! The only part of Lynch’s game that looked semi decent was him extending his arm to put the football in Royce Freeman’s belly. But then there was hope. Down 17-0 there was hope. McKenzie did something and likely earned his roster spot. Which leads me to the next logical question... If McKenzie just earn his roster spot, why hasn’t Chad Kelly earned the backup spot? Here’s the thing, and it’s a complete and total fabricated lie on the part of Vance Joseph. Vance Joseph promised us fans that the #2 quarterback job was a fair competition. But was it? Quick question: How many days left of training camp are there? The answer is two. TWO!!! Not two weeks, but two whole practices (Aug 14 & 15). Vance Joseph said we’d see Kelly with the two’s in training camp. Have we though? Again, two days left. Is he now going to insert him in there with two whole days remaining? So what more can Chad Kelly do? He went onto the field and on his first drive, he hits LaCosse in stride down the sideline for a 36 yard touchdown. That’s his first drive out of the gate and the first drive of his NFL career! “But he was wide open”... so what? Just like you never apologize for beating a team on your schedule, you never apologize for hitting a wide open player for a touchdown! There’s usually a wide open receiver or tight end or running back on every single play. It’s up to the QB to find him and get the ball to him. Check and check! Kelly 1, Keenum 0, Lynch 0. Hell, Lynch probably throws that ball out of bounds anyways.Holy crap, what is this called? Is it called hope? Our defense holds and Kelly steps back onto the field. He looks poised and confident. His footwork is good and he stays in the pocket unless there is a wide open running lane and that’s the best option. I loved this kid’s instincts in the pocket.Drive two starts and what does Kelly do? He makes a 3rd & 11 touchdown pass look routine! He hits Lindsay in stride on a crossing pattern for a touchdown. That pass is so easy to either overthrow or under throw. If he throws it behind the WR, it’s an interception. If he throws it 1 foot further, it’s incomplete. He puts it on the money and Lindsay snatches it out of the air and finishes off the drive with a TD. Chad Kelly: 2.Paxton Lynch: negative infinity.Case Keenum: 0.Not only does Kelly look great, but he just did something that Vance Joseph seems allergic to allow happen... He got the Denver Broncos a lead. Drive three and the Broncos find themselves in familiar territory under this coaching regime http://www.broncosauthorizedshops.com/authentic-von-miller-jersey , down by a touchdown. Kelly looks good but throws an interception as he gets sandwiched and tackled to the ground. My Broncos faithful start in with the “Kelly sucks!” “we need a vet” all of that nonsense. If there is a vet QB available, he’s no better than Kelly. Those wonderful vet’s you all want? Yeah, they throw interceptions too. But worse, they go 3 & out A LOT! There’s nothing a vet backup can do that Kelly hasn’t already done better. And no, Teddy Bridgewater is not going to be the vet backup we get. He’s going to want to be the starter and quite frankly, the Broncos can’t afford him anyways. Again, our coaching staff must think that a one touchdown game is too close, so what’s better than losing by one touchdown? Losing by two touchdowns! Queue up drive four for Kelly. He takes it and marches us down the field with the clock running out. He gets the Broncos to the two yard line, but misses on a touchdown which I don’t even pin on him. I pin that on the garbage play call. Here’s the thing: If Chad Kelly played exactly like this but was drafted in the first round, everyone would be losing their minds with “that’s your franchise QB!” But he wasn’t. If Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, or Lamar Jackson looked in their first game the way Chad Kelly looked in his first game Authentic Jeff Heuerman Jersey , their fanbases, coaches, GM’s, and the media would be tripping over their tongues to praise them and call them the next big thing.So where is the love for Kelly? He’s a rookie. He was redshirted last year. So where’s the love? Why doesn't he get his earned and deserved shot? Why do we hear this “we need a vet” talk? Vance Joseph, if you have a single redeeming coaching quality in your body, do the right thing and end this backup quarterback nonsense. Name Chad Kelly the backup and get Paxton Lynch out of town. I’m not sure you’ll get anything for him at this point. I doubt you get a backup punter for him at this point. So use him as the camp arm he is and cut him as soon as you can. But end this madness. Chad Kelly has earned his roster spot and he’s earned the backup role. I’ve never seen a backup vet QB the likes of which would be available to us step into a game and play any better than Kelly. Ever! So do the right thing and give this kid his due. He just earned it in his first NFL game. Be grateful that you just got a first round talent in the seventh round!All aboard the $wag Wagon! With a rout of the Arizona Cardinals ten days ago, the Denver Broncos were optimistic about being able to build off their win and gain some much needed momentum. In order for that to happen, they had to travel on the road to face the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium this afternoon in a must-win game. After four quarters of fierce battle, the Broncos lost to the Chiefs 30-23 — effectively putting their postseason hopes to rest. Here are five things we learned from today’s game.1. The Broncos’ hopes at reviving their season are overWith today’s loss to the Chiefs, the Broncos are now 3-5 at the season’s halfway mark. You can kiss winning the AFC West goodbye and the chances of a wildcard birth are basically on life support. Perhaps last week’s win against the Cardinals gave Broncos Country a sense of false hope, because today’s outing reinforced what kind of team Denver has been all season long — a terrible one. Do you really think this team is going to win most every game in the second half of the season? Ha! It’s time to accept the fact that the season is over and that most importantly, that the franchise is far away from competing for postseason play and Super Bowls anytime soon. 2. The downfall of the Frequent Fly Zone continuesFor most of the season, the No Fly Zone has turned into the Frequent Fly Zone. Some games they are up, some games they are down — but it’s safe to say there have been far more downs than ups this season in respect to the Broncos’ secondary. That was certainly the case today as the Frequent Fly Zone was shredded by Patrick Mahomes and his arsenal of offensive weapons. That being said fifth-year cornerback Bradley Roby and back-up safety Will Parks (starting in place of Darian Stewart) were the primary culprits in the unit’s struggles this afternoon.My biggest issue was with Roby Youth Darian Stewart Jersey , who gave up several big plays in today’s game, in particular a 41-yard reception by Tyreek Hill and the drive-completing touchdown to Travis Kelce in the second quarter. Moreover, he had a rough third quarter allowing multiple first down catches. It wasn’t a particularly good look for a player who is in the final year of his contract and hoping to get a big-time payday on the free agent market. Nothing he has done this year should signal any remote interest in the franchise retaining him long-term. Expect the Broncos to use a high draft selection next April to replace him.3. The Broncos’ penchant for penalties killed multiple drivesBill Musgrave had a great offensive game plan and was quite creative in the way he decided to attack the Chiefs’ defense. Unfortunately, the Broncos’ penchant for penalties (especially in the second half) killed multiple drives and wiped out a handful of 20-plus yard plays that should have led to points on the board. In fact, every offensive lineman for the Broncos registered a penalty this afternoon.Self-inflicted woes have been the overarching narrative for the team’s offense this season and today’s issues were consistent with that. It’s hard to win games when you continuously shoot yourself in the foot. Alas, that has been about the only thing fans have come to accept from the offense this season — the Broncos routinely shitting the bed and being their own worst enemies.4. Case Keenum proves once again that he is a journeyman quarterbackFans who were hoping Case Keenum would replicate his success with the Minnesota Vikings this year would have had better luck playing the Powerball. The only ‘perfect’ thing for the Broncos this season is the unfortunate fact that Keenum has thrown a pick in every single game. It’s crystal clear that he isn’t the long-term savior for the franchise, but what is unclear is what John Elway and the Broncos’ brass will do this coming offseason to improve the position. Until that problem is solved fans should only expect mediocrity. Unfortunately, that might be a problem that can’t be solved this offseason.5. The Broncos’ rushing attack was strong despite Royce Freeman’s absenceThe Chiefs aren’t known for their quality run defense and rank among the league’s worst in that regard. However, the prospect of the Broncos’ having success on the ground was questionable with rookie Royce Freeman sidelined from today’s game due to injury. Even with him being out of the lineup, Denver had no issue running the ball. Undrafted rookie standout Phillip Lindsay continued to impress while third-year pro Devontae Booker had several quality runs of his own. The two combined for 173 yards on 27 carries. If there has been one continued bright spot in a lackluster season for the Broncos, the production from their youthful running back stable has certainly been it.So Broncos Country, what were your five big observations from today’s game? Sound off in the comments section and make your voice heard!

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