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Taking a look at some names that are still out there t

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hat could help the Niners."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 49ers Salary CapLevi’s Stadium Events49ers Transactions49ers Injury News49ers Press Conferences & Conference CallsNFL Free AgencyNFL Free Agency49ers free agency 2019Best remaining free agents available to the 49ersNew Matt Breida Jersey ,68commentsTaking a look at some names that are still out there that could help the Niners.PDTShareTweetShareShareBest remaining free agents available to the 49ersJay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY SportsMan, what a night. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. From “missing out” on OBJ, to landing Dee Ford, to the continued Earl Thomas saga. Oh, and apparently the Niners were in on Le’Veon Bell. Surely today will be less crazy, right? Right? Let’s take a look at the best available free agents that are out there.Cream of the cropIt’s not slim pickings, but the majority of bigger names have been signed. Here are some of the best names that could come in and help right away:EDGE Justin HoustonDoes signing Dee Ford take the 49ers out of the Houston runnings? I could see why you wouldn’t want to spend big twice at the position. Especially considering the talent available in the draft. That said, it’s Houston. He’s never not been good.That’s it. That’s the best of the best left. Slim pickings.Thanks, but no thanksDT Ndamukong SuhThere have been some quotes about Suh from other players that aren’t very flattering. To the effect of them saying they’re happy he is playing. If you watched Suh in 2018, he’s still as talented as ever. He will embarrass you. He also will coast through games. With the amount of bodies on the interior for the 49ers, hard pass.EDGE Ezekiel AnsahAnsah is still available for a reason, as are the majority of these players. Ansah has health issues. With the team already lacking depth/talent on the edge, and seeing where they pick. No thanks. Houston is a leader and is dependable. Can you say the same thing here?Make them prove itCB Ronald DarbyThe team is looking for help at corner. They’ve made that obvious. Darby is another guy that has health issues. He also has talent. The two haven’t been matched, and Darby is reportedly visiting the Chiefs. That said, he would be an upgrade opposite of Richard Sherman.WR Golden TateTate at anything under $5 million a year is a yes for me. Kyle Shanahan would do wonders with a guy like this. Tate is great with the ball in his hands. If you can’t get Tate for that amount, no worries. Just move on.Ha Ha Clinton-DixClinton-Dix is a contract that I would be very interested in seeing. I imagine the market was not as high for him as he imagined. Clinton-Dix is talented. Packer fans are still cringing at the effort he puts in against the run. He has plenty of versatility on the back end and adds value. It’s just him being consistent. 4 other names that could help:Edge Shaquil BarrettCB Bryce Callahan CB Morris ClaiborneFS Tre Boston The Russell Wilson contract had me thinking..."With the news breaking late Monday night, via Russell Wilson’s twitter Trent Taylor Color Rush Jersey , he’s gotten the deal of a lifetime. Technically it’s only the next four years, but you know what I’m saying. Wilson has become the new highest paid player in terms of contract value, guaranteed money, and signing bonus. He’s set a new bar, that’s for certain. It was just beyond a year ago, our QB Jimmy Garoppolo held that status. What exactly does that mean to a franchise and a locker room?Time to cut the checkWhen a franchise makes a long-term commitment to a player by giving them the record-breaking deal, it tends to show loyalty and trust in a player. Being the face, future and foundation of the franchise is a big ask of a player. I also see it as a slight to the other players in that locker room. Once the team has allocated so much money to one person, regardless of position, that team has now made the salary cap science into managerial nightmare. Sometimes, you can plan for the fact that “Player X” has negotiations coming up and “Player Z” will be the one franchise tag of the season. More often than not, the large signee tends to do as much, if not more harm than good to the stability and contention of a franchise. There is only so much money to go around in the salary cap, and every player in that locker room has sacrificed and a family to provide for. Granted, not all positions may seem as important as the next, but that position is on the field for a reason. You can’t tell me players don’t notice.Darned if you DO, and if you DON’TWhen a team is falling out of contention it gives the fan base https://www.49ersfanshop.com/Adrian-Colbert-Jersey , as well as the front office, something to hang their hats on with having a star player to hold a smirk about. It also allocates a majority of spending money on one body, that may or may not be healthy and available. It sends the message that “Player X” is exceptional and we must give him his worth. The next year when “Player Z” has the negotiations, the salary cap has a huge hit that it must account for. Which in turn minimizes the ability to find common ground without allowing “Player Z” to seek other offers. The quarterback position is the most important position on the field and will always be in high demand. Especially with the direction the league is going, and the rules in place to encourage a high-flying passing attack. Therefore, even average and below average quarterbacks will find a way to fill someone’s void at the position. Teams that let their own quarterback walk away to sign a richer offer with another franchise tend to be right more often than wrong. So, he got paid, and didn’t produce?Of the top five highest paid quarterbacks in 2018 there was a whopping 2 postseason victories. One of which, the big money was on the bench the entire game. Teams who structure the cap based around the quarterback’s salaries in their first deal beyond rookie contracts, tend to lose a lot of key pieces that carried them when the money was readily available to the team. The teams that have paid the quarterback position, and the player then restructures his contract to be team friendly, tend to stand a much greater chance of capturing the Lombardi trophy. The New Orleans Saints were handcuffed by Drew Brees’ large consumption of salary cap for years. Thus, forcing them to settle for rebounding players to fill in spots just because they were affordable, it wasn’t until he restructured the numbers that they could regain a competitive balance throughout the roster. Their 2017 draft class also landed some heavy hitters to make up for money not being spent. Jimmy Garoppolo hasn’t been the healthiest of acquisitions, but he had been paid amongst the greats. I believe the team will need some of that money back to reach full potential at a Super Bowl run. Time will tell, but Garoppolo is facing a lot of pressure. He got paid. Now he must produce.

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