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initiative to pick her up

in Anschaffung & Eingewöhnung 12.06.2019 05:04
von ylq | 15 Beiträge

initiative to pick her up, but she opened the courtyard door to see the lights in the living room, the pain in my heart immediately disappeared. . To this end, the good sister always said that she "like an Ah Q." After having a child, Mei Ling took a long vacation to take care of the child Parliament Cigarettes. She did not care for her husband's work, and looked at the growing face of her daughter. Mei Ling even more pampered her husband and loved her daughter. My heart is full of love, Mei Ling has no complaints. For the family, for the sake of the young, she worked hard, and the meticulous cultivators�� own days in life, I feel that there is no new life in love, but the work is smooth and smooth, and there is no achievement. Because of his outstanding work, he was rated as "excellent teacher" and was identified as "key training backbone". He was transferred to the middle school department and then promoted to the academic director. It is said that the spring breeze is fascinated with the passage of time, and the child grows up. Mei Ling considers her own Life is getting more and more happy, but her husband feels that this kind of tepid day is very annoying. Mei Ling, who has been laid off from her home, has ample life, which makes her rich body more blessed, and she is full of enthusiasm. Compared, Mei Ling looks bloated and embarrassed. Xinhui��s heart is ready to go. She always wants to do something to do a community organization checkup. Meiling is checked for ovarian cysts. She goes to the 7th Hospital for examination. The doctor asked the hospital to be hospitalized immediately. Cysts may have lesions that can be determined after a biopsy. Mei Ling, who went to the hospital for examination, listened to the doctor��s words and calmly came back to pack up things to go to the hospital. She believed that she would not have anything. Xinhui is very nervous, Mei Ling said that it is not too late to wait for the day of surgery. On the second day of hospitalization, Xinhui took time off. In the days of surgery Marlboro Red, Xinhui stayed with her, like a person, buying a meal. Water, wash her clothes, on the day of surgery Marlboro Gold, Xinhui nervously held Meiling's hand: Don't be afraid, I am waiting for you. In the middle of the operation Newport 100S, the doctor came out and said to Xinhui, who was waiting at the door. The biopsy, the cyst was on the edge of the lesion. It is recommended to remove the left ovary. If you agree, sign it. The new whisper of the war is incoherent to the doctor: As long as my wife is in good health, I agree. When I opened my eyes, I met Xinhui��s anxious eyes. Her hand was tightly held in the palm of her hand. Meiling wanted to smile, but she licked her mouth because of pain. Xinhui was loose. Breath, looking at Mei Ling revealing a happy smile, the eyes are moist. The roommate in the listening room said that his operation had been done for nearly 6 hours. After returning to the anesthesia for several hours, Xinhui had been at the bedside. The food brought back by the roommate did not move, so he sat quietly. At the bedside, watching Meiling leave the hospital, Xinhui took care of Meiling in a meticulous manner, and made Meiling somewhat uncomfortable. She said to Meiling: During the few hours of surgery, my heart has been hurting. I found that I can't live without you. Full of awkward and warm words, such as a warm spring, sweet flow through her heart, Mei Ling's eyes moistened life for a lifetime, not all sweet Marlboro Lights, bitter and sour, tastes different, love Just like a sugar, pull out the thin layer of paper and you will find that love is like a long-lasting alcohol.
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