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leaving Kerry by trai

in Anschaffung & Eingewöhnung 12.06.2019 05:07
von ylq | 15 Beiträge

Just leaving Kerry by train, she received a letter from Weini, saying that her friend��s team of poverty alleviation volunteers had just arrived in Kaili from Dali, and at this time I was already on the way to Zhenyuan, but unfortunately we wiped it like this. Pass by. The Kaili Railway Station is very small. The upper and lower floors are the ticket office and the waiting room. Some of them are worn out and look like weatherproof. The station is full of all kinds of passengers. From the dress up and luggage, most of them are local vendors and marketers, and there are almost no foreign backpackers like me, so they also attract a lot of curious eyes. People in different stations have different forms, some are screaming, some are whispering, some are bored looking around, there are heavy burdens, and there are chickens and ducks. This scene reminds me of this. The film depicts the images of the seventies and eighties, and I seem to enjoy this scene of life in particular. Most of the people here are Dai and Miao. Some elderly people are wearing their national costumes. When they are in contact with each other, everyone will smile in good faith. I fled from Guangdong to Guizhou and stood in the crowd. The train ticket that was both strange and cordial from Kaili to Zhenyuan was only 7 yuan. I was surprised by the cheap, but I soon regretted my negligence. Because it made me unable to catch up with the town far away during the day. Due to the complex terrain and inconvenient transportation in Guizhou, local people travel more choices of trains, and the low-cost green leather slow trains become their most common means of transportation. Therefore, on such a train, there are basically no foreign tourists and business people. They are all seeing the people who carry the ducks and pick up the burden. There was no air conditioning in the compartment, the windows were open, and a few uncles were talking from the opposite side while swallowing the smoke circle. Sitting next door on the seat of a Hmong-dressed old woman, her eyes are light, her head is leaning forward, it seems to be tired for a long time. At this moment, I am enjoying the calm time of the car. Everything is beautiful, but the car goes. Too slow, all the stations stop, sometimes a station stops for a long time. For this reason, the idea of ??seeing Zhenyuan before the sun goes down is empty. When it is far away from the town, it is already dark, and the sky is drizzling, walking on the wet slate ancient street. Walking forward, looking around and looking for the right inn, this scene seems familiar, as if I have played a lot back. The name Zhenyuan has existed in my heart for a long time. The words ��Zhenyuan Escort��, ��Zhenyuan Chengmen�� and ��Zhenyuan Fort�� constitute the initial impression of this name Newport Cigarettes, but this town is far from the town, true. What is it like? Now that I have come here, it has greeted me with a gentle way. The weather is a bit cold. I pulled the zipper of the down jacket to the neck and continued to go deep into the ancient street. There are very few pedestrians on the street, and many merchants have closed their doors. Compared with the heads of other ancient cities, the degree of desertion is beyond my imagination. The streets are more spacious and straight than many of the ancient towns I have seen. The two sides are brick-and-stone-style Huizhou-style buildings, black and white walls, and various store flags are attached to the eaves. There are wineries and rice. Shop, there is also a restaurant. I walked all the way, imagining that the prosperous scene of the town was far from the neighboring towns of Xijiang Miao Village and Fenghuang Ancient City, which were mainly built on the main roads of ethnic minorities. As the main road of waterways, it was known as the key to the key. The military business of the East Gate, known as the ��Golden Gateway��, has a special status that makes it unique Marlboro Gold. In ancient times, waterway traffic was an important mode of transportation. Military, business travel, religion, culture, etc. all depended on waterways. The Wuyang River rushed over here, from west to east, and entered Chudong into Dongting Lake. The important land and water location once made this a military and business travel hub, bringing together the provincial capital chambers of the country, including the Jiangxi Guild Hall, the Hunan Guild Hall, and the Fujian Guild Hall... The influx of Han culture has included many buildings, including buildings. In the Miao people's place, the Han culture is like a grass seed, landing, rooting, sprouting... Most of the ancient buildings are now destroyed. Most of what I see before is Antique architecture, but no matter what, the story can continue to find a good thing to find a riverside inn. The rooms are small but elegant, and the traditional Chinese design of the antiques meets the mood of this time. I will stay here for several days. The Wuyang River flows calmly down the window sill Cigarettes For Sale. The less than 100 meters on the left hand side is actually the famous historical and cultural attraction of Zhenyuan. It was built in the Ming Dynasty in the Ming Dynasty. It is said that the bridge was built for 250 years and was built entirely of bluestone Newport 100S. The pier was built in the Ming Dynasty and the bridge was in the Qing Dynasty. At that time, the Wuyang River often exploded mokingusacigarettes.com, and the bridge was destroyed several times until the Qing Dynasty was completed. An ancient bridge with more than 600 years of history, on a quiet night, I have a sizzle with my stomach without warning. I can��t wait to find a place to eat to enjoy the food of Zhenyuan, settle the luggage and the treasurer. After a few words of chilling, I went out. Because of the special geographical climate, Guizhou people are used to eating hot and sour, and this taste is different from what we tasted in the past, more similar to the hot and sour food I have eaten in Southeast Asian cuisine, such as Tom Yum Kung. When I was in Xijiang, I experienced the flavor of sour soup fish. In Zhenyuan, I still used acid soup. On the other side of the river, there is a food street where restaurants gather. Almost all the restaurants are ��sour soup fish�� and ��sour soup chicken��. The sour soup hot pot has become an important business card in GuizhoThere are very few people on the road. The quiet and misty mountain forest is like a fairyland on earth. After arriving in Guizhou, except for the first day in Guiyang, the sun is not seen again. It is basically this cold and cold day. Until I returned to Shenzhen roadside mountain is very steep, there are caves when the foot of the hill, the locals will these caves when the cellar where, do not know so well known wine Guizhou whether to do with this. We met on the way the world

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