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have a desire for freedom f

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von ylq | 19 Beiträge

I can't remember the evening of the bloody sun. The children in the mountains were dragged on the bus by a pair of strange big hands Parliament Cigarettes. The tears of the window passed through the window and said goodbye to the grandparents who were accompanied by them Newport 100S. Then, in the life of the first-tier big cities, parents are busy with their livelihoods all the time, the inexplicable isolation of their children of the same age, and the sensitivity of the nature, invisibly let children have aversion to the world, and have a desire for freedom for more than ten years. Between the time of the moment, the child of the beginning became a rebellious teenager. It coincided with the loss of the parents' business in that period of time, the entrance examination is approaching, and the policy of protecting the local students in the big cities. After the conflicts and conflicts that the teenagers and their parents are increasingly intensified, they finally separated from each other. After three years of high school, they were extremely boring and boring. Living in a wooden tiled house that has been in disrepair in the countryside, there is no TV, no radio, no mobile phone on weekdays... A few tapes of Jay Chou from the town��s bookstore are playing no less than a hundred times a day, from one hundred dollars a month. The various books bought down were piled up with three bookcases that were two meters high. The only thing that has been moisturized like a sweet spring is the first love of a sophomore year in the second year of high school Marlboro Lights. Then, in a local college, a college that is not even a third-rate is a relatively leisurely and debauched campus mokingusacigarettes.com. In that flower season, male hormones are played to the fullest. In the name of love, embrace, kiss, touch, and make love, and experience again and again to fill the lonely, restless soul under the night. After graduation, the confusion suddenly filled the atrium, with a glimmer of hope to go to the metropolis where the parents are. In exchange for the three months of sleepless work in the factory, and the next escape from the next day, the afternoon sun through the window gently and delicate kiss on my face. Open your eyes, slowly spread your palms, and carefully perceive the heat of life and time. Today, I am in a city that is not even a third-line city Cigarettes Online. I have been a neighbor to the buddies who have known each other in college. On weekdays, the company and the renter have two points and one line. They read a few free books in their leisure time, or go out alone to watch the weekend movie, or take a long vacation and take the savings accumulated by their own hands to go to a tourist scenic spot. . Most of the time, the days were filled, and the life was a little bit. I got up and went to bed and smiled at the sunshine in the mirror. Raise your hand and wipe away the tears left in the corner of your eyes last night. In the world and your own voice: "Good morning."
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