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Starting from the dusk

in Anschaffung & Eingewöhnung 05.08.2019 10:08
von ylq | 23 Beiträge

Starting from the dusk, along the direction of the setting sun, the unknown journey, is there a feeling of heart? In October, the mountains and rivers of the mountains and the mountains passed the Lashihai, and passed the Shigu Town. The next one, I don��t know where. There are always some inexplicable injuries, piled up on the body, need to shake, only to feel healthy. There is always a desire to die, and it is necessary to water some desolate Marlboro Red, rootless wind before growing on the riverbed. Always need strange, ancient fields, to wash away the boredom and dust, always want to find the seal that is engraved in the heart, in which rock layer buried. When the lights are lost, the car wears the intestines in the dark, which town, carrying my figure, hastily, just stay, no need to put. When it came to ZTE, the moon and the moon did not become bright. Send away the girl who is on the way, then find a room to stay in, where to go tomorrow, no need to discuss, free to advocate some roads, unless you use your own foot to measure, otherwise you will never be able to appreciate the details of the silent years in its ordinary , beautiful and great. Early the next morning, I looked at the rolling Jinsha River from ZTE, and cast an endless gaze on the Lijiang River. Then I set off for dawn. Because it was still early, there was no car to and from the two places, so I was ready to travel. More than 20 kilometers away. Just like the autumn posture, step by step, it is only a journey, there is no family on the other side, a tree peony, the road from the flowers, dust and dyed Fanghua. A trained school, its early morning, full of bones, the reality is always more awesome than the imagination, and can give more care and close to the harvested fields, spread out in the river valley, cultivated land, stalks Buried, the future, the harvest is still there. On the roadside, the first scrapped car I saw was occupied by time on the roadside. Later, I saw the second, third, and fourth, all of which were on the side of the road. Become a wreckage, a will, and a sense of biochemistry. The village at the foot of the mountain, in the morning light, is covered with a layer of yellow oozing from the soil, a kind of calming, like a collection. I like this kind of ordinary. "In fact, history has not changed, technology has changed, clothes have changed, and diet has changed. This is the outer shell. There is nothing in it, or it was thousands of years ago. The mistakes made must still be committed, the killer still wants to kill, Yue Fei will die, Yuan Chonghuan will die, and after another thousand years, he will still die." From nomadic civilization to farming civilization to commercial civilization, and perhaps later, there is a planetary civilization. But as myself, I have been nurtured in farming civilization. My roots are here, running for warm saturation, no matter how the times lead, here, working and living like hundreds of years ago. The city is still a city, a village or a village. The flowers of October, the morning glory, the scorpion and the artichoke, are purple and red together, and only one flash of distance, no one cares about their blooming or dying Cigarettes For Sale. Who will touch the secret of their anger, but I met. I saw it, and that's it. I turned a few mountains, crossed a few bends, passed the pine forest and the grass field, passed the autumn without a look, went to the village on the riverbed, and went to the people in the mountains. Life is like this. When you cross the mountains, there will be no difference, but it is sparse and dense, but it is a house built by some people who knows that there are some stones and wood. We call it a feature Marlboro Gold, of course, for this. People, on behalf of the old soil, backward, they prefer buildings, cars, solar energy and telephone, this is not called living elsewhere, called "happiness of the elevation". Starting from 7 o'clock, gone without knowing a few miles, to At ten o'clock, I finally stopped a running car to dawn, so the village became a glimpse, and Qianguishan became the main body. In fact, from Zhongxing to Dawn Redstone Street, it is about 30 minutes by car. All the way is basically along the river valley, wearing the village to take the village, there is nothing to be able to circle, but the mountains and rivers meet each other. Dawn Qiangui Mountain Tour starts from Hongshi Street. There is no complicated procedure. It is to climb a little along the ridge. Of course, you can choose to ride horses and save the hard work of a long trek. From the ridge to the mountain, from the mountain to the mountain, witnessing the geological evolution and fo
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