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hey aren’t really led by one certa

in Voliere & Einrichtung 16.08.2019 08:47
von gsnoopy520 | 235 Beiträge

you look at pictures of the several “Occupy Protests” taking place around the globe in a lot of of the key cities Chuma Edoga Hat , including London and New York. One recurring theme that always came up. That’s the image of a number of the protestors wearing the Guy Fawkes mask along with quotes held up from the graphic novel “V for Vendetta” created by Alan Moore.

So what exactly is it about this particular mask as a way of hiding ones identity is proving so popular with protestors? In the attempt to assassinate King James The First in England in 1605, the character on whom mask played an critical role. Along with his co-conspirators Guy Fawkes had stockpiled a significant amount of gunpowder below the Houses of Parliament and was to ignite in November of 1605. However a letter sent towards the authorities ensured that it didn’t take place and right after days of questioning and torture Guy Fawkes lastly gave up the names of the other people involved inside the plot.

Obviously not many people who wear this particular mask know about this particular character and it’s rather the film “V for Vendetta” that has created the wearing of it so popular today. Throughout the film the main character is noticed wearing this Guy Fawkes mask so that you can hide his identity as he attempts to fight alone against what’s considered to be a fascist state. So what he does is attempt to commence a revolution so that you can unite the individuals and bring the government down.

Certainly when the Occupy protests began in New York and which now are happening around the globe the protestors see this as some sort of revolution at the same time. Maybe it truly is as a result of the character “V” that they have chosen to wear this mask as they see it as a symbol of a method to support get the revolution began.

You may notice that numerous of those involved see the powers that be are very totalitarian in nature and they’re the ones to launch a fight against this if you happen to visit any of these protests. Because of this when they hear about Guy Fawkes and watch V in the film they see them as individuals to follow because they attempted to fight against what they felt was unjust. Also there appears some sort of romantic anarchism from the wearing of the Anonymous Mask and this is one of the factors why it has turn into so popular with protestors these days.

Although the wearing of the Guy Fawkes mask enables folks to hide their identity it also helps them to put their feelings across in a much more subtle way. But unlike other protests the ones we see nowadays don’t actually target one specific group or faction Jachai Polite Hat , but are aimed at the corrupt power structure that stems in each and every country exactly where they take place. They aren’t really led by one certain organization or group.

We are at a cross roads in history. Either you choose to go along with the corruption of the status quo or you stand up for the future. Your future. Be part of the future and part of an idea that can never be destroyed or put down. Join the fight and get your Guy Fawkes mask today!

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